Multilingual and Multicultural Research

McNair Ingenuity Research is a leader in conducting multi-cultural and in-language research and we employ our own in-house team of bilingual interviewers. These interviewers are skilled in the art of gaining respondent trust and cooperation.

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McNair Ingenuity Research has a wealth of knowledge built up from years of experience in this research area and possesses a great deal of expertise with regard to sampling and interviewing these more difficult to reach segments of the community.  Multilingual interviewing usually involves the preparation and provision of translated versions of questionnaires; however where the proportion of respondents from the relevant CALD community who do not speak English is expected to be small, a more cost-effective ‘language support’ method can be utilised.  With this approach we refer interviews that require linguistic assistance to the appropriate bilingual interviewers, who then conduct the interviews from the English script, offering assistance and interpretation as necessary, but using English where possible, since the written questionnaire is only provided in English.

In terms of establishing a representative sample for telephone surveys targeting specific cultural groups, McNair Ingenuity Research is an expert in applying the ‘Surname Sample Technique’, a well-established procedure for selecting respondents from specific cultural/language groups in Australia and in other countries with thorough electronic phone books.  McNair Ingenuity Research has sophisticated software for conducting such searches.