Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

McNair Ingenuity Research has 25 CATI stations in operation on site at our Crows Nest office. All interviewing is conducted under constant supervision and fieldwork progress can be monitored ‘live’ by both the Operations Manager and Research Consultants. A key advantage of having our call centre in-house means that any questions arising can be instantly referred to a Research Consultant.

Once a questionnaire has been signed off by the client, our analyst programs a test version on the Surveycraft system for checking and interviewer briefing and training.  Once it has been fully tested to ensure all questions, instructions, skips and routing are correct, the live version is then made available to the interviewing team. Quotas are monitored by the software during the survey.

Prior to the commencement of each new project, all interviewers are also thoroughly briefed by the Supervisor, Operations Manager and/or the Research Consultant. This briefing session includes a background to the project, detailed question-by-question explanation and the opportunity for interviewers to work on a test version of the questionnaire prior to conducting any interviews. Clients are welcome to attend.

All new interviewers at McNair Ingenuity Research take part in our established interviewer training program which is accredited by AS ISO 20252. This training program uses video and interactive techniques to ensure that interviewers can conduct the required script and can deal with problems that may arise, such as dealing with refusals or respondents who become abusive.

The small and personal nature of our call centre provides for interviewers being able to give their own names for respondents to call back and ask for, as well as for call backs and reminders to be made by the same individuals, thereby offering a consistency of contact and personal touch that is unique to our call centre culture. At McNair Ingenuity Research we have found that telephone contact in which interviewers supply their name and offer a specific point of contact in our office establishes a more meaningful relationship with respondents, engendering trust and compliance – the recipe for a successful survey with a high response rate.

Interviewing teams are selected according to the requirements of the project.  We maintain a team of executive interviewers for business interviews or in-depth interviews and also have the facility to provide specific language interviewers for projects.

Typically McNair Ingenuity Research uses a five-call system to ensure that the sample is used in a representative way giving respondents the greatest likelihood of being reached. The results of each call attempt are duly noted and these are scripted into the CATI system.  Many studies may specify even higher call designs.

All interviewing is fully supervised and regular monitoring of calls via both live-monitoring and call-backs is performed to ensure high levels of accuracy and quality.