Reach & Frequency / Reporting Gateways

McNair Ingenuity Research offers a range of online analysis tools, including:

  • Cross tabulations, with multiple weighting options, horizontal and vertical percentages, indexes, means, table zoom function and export facility.
  • Data Profiler to examine the demographics of behaviour of specific segments or user groups
  • Reach and frequency schedules to plan media, including cost efficiency, frequency distributions, side-by-side schedules.
  • AdNorms – A database of advertising effectiveness, allowing comparison of communications and effectiveness of ads across different media, with different formats and for a range of product and service segments.
  • Customised software – McNair Ingenuity Research has developed customised software for online delivery of research results for many clients.
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Reach and Frequency Software


Logo for Reach and Frequency
McNair Media Planner offers the opportunity to model the results using a user friendly tool in order to determine what mix of media best reaches a given community.  All media, including online, TV, radio and print can be combined in a single advertising schedule to predict the ideal level of reach with a given frequency.  The tool also provides cost efficiency calculations, and the ability to easily compare one schedule with another side-by-side.

                                                               McNair Media Planner